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My name is Laura and I come from a tiny (but awesome) place called Estonia. Haven’t heard from us? (don’t worry, it’s a really small country, happens all the time).  Look it up from google maps.

After graduating from high school, me and my friend decided to travel to Australia. We lived, worked, partied and had fun there for almost a year. It was a crazy year with crazy, fun people. Meanwhile the love of my life came after me (literally to the other side of the world), because originally we thought it’s not that hard to spend a year apart, but well, should have think twice.

I have a Bachelor of Science  in Gene Technology. I have also graduated from music school and I’m actively playing in an orchestra.

Why this site?

There are several reasons why I started this blog. One of them is because I have been reading about paleo diet, Low Carb High Fat diet and proper vitamin consumption for a long time now, originally because of my partners insanely high blood pressure at too young age. There just had to be a way to lower it with food and vitamins rather than adding more chemicals and medications to the mix.

I have to say that it really does make a difference. It really changes thinking, changes body and it is actually possible to improve your overall health with the change of food and products we use. Kris’s blood pressure has completely normalized, thanks to the changes we made in our diet and every-day-lives. No medications what so ever!

I am so excited to share all of it! It has been an interesting journey and it just keeps getting better. I had no idea you could have so much amazing food and be healthy at the same time! There are still many things to learn and we are still growing, but it has been a great leap toward healthier life.This blog is here so people could learn and grow with us. It’s exciting and it can change everything!