Balancing Molybdenum in Diet

Molybdenum is the most fundamental and elementary mineral required by your body which should be taken in very little quantities. Once if we concentrate on this mineral then it is found in some amounts of our daily eaten foods. There is no need to make out dietary changes or including certain variety of food that has molybdenum. We find it in many foods and can take the required quantity.

Importance of molybdenum

From all the other nutrients and minerals, the main specific protein is molybdenum which is required in the human body. It helps in the creation of uric acid and in the utilization of iron to the body. It helps to cut down the amino acids that have sulphur in them. The chemical process of copper, magnesium and also calcium is done by this enzyme. It is stored mainly in adrenal glands, kidneys and liver and is found to be taking different attentions in tissues all through the body. There is about 9mg of molybdenum deposited totally in a human body.

Sources of molybdenum

We find molybdenum in those plants that are grown above the soil. The main plants that has molybdenum is beans, soybeans, legumes and lentils. Even other foods like nuts, wheat, rice, grains like oats, leafy vegetables has plenty of this mineral molybdenum in them. There are different amounts of molybdenum in plants and it depends on the minerals state of the soil where it is planted and fertilized. From animal sources we find molybdenum in eggs, liver and milk.

Deficiency of molybdenum

The scientist and medical practitioners have recommended that molybdenum must be taken in 45mcg in a day among adults as there is rare deficiency of molybdenum found in people who follow a balanced diet. We find deficiency of molybdenum in those patients who are on veins eating diet or in connection with genetic disturbances which stops the absorption of molybdenum. When there is deficiency of molybdenum then the symptoms like anemia, fast heart beat, tiredness, dizziness and salt sensitivity are included.

Theories on molybdenum

It is certainly believed by some of the researches that when there is molybdenum in the food then it will protect from certain types of cancer. The journals of Archives of Environmental Health in September 1995 by Dr. Hiroto Nakadavia showed that there were highest mortality rates from esophageal and rectal cancer in many regions where there was less molybdenum in their soils.

It is explained that the enzymes (Molybdenum) if present in the soil will make the plants to produce nitrosamines which is known as carcinogen. This is not enough theory but there should be more researches to show whether molybdenum will play a key role in protection of cancer when high diet of it is taken.

Cautious on amount of molybdenum

The poisonous effect of molybdenum is less. If more than 10mg of it is taken everyday then you can acquire the chance of getting gout(disease of joints) like symptoms swelling of the joints, increase in production of uric acid. It will also stop the capacity of the body to absorb copper. You can’t reach to the harmful levels of molybdenum by taking only through diet. Most of the problems arise from extra intake of molybdenum additions. Those who take high quantity of grains and legumes must avoid it as it has more of molybdenum and increases the chance of giving risky problems to the body system.