How To Be Fashion Eccentric

Making a statement is something we all enjoy – go on, admit it’s true! No matter your size, shape, or budget you can use your fashion sense to make whatever statement you choose. You may even be surprised to find that even the most mundane wardrobe has the makings of an eccentric fashionista; you just have to know how to do a little mixing and mismatching.

Eccentricity is fairly easy to achieve – just go crazy and put on the most unexpected combinations you can come up with. Eccentric? Yes. Fashionable? Probably not. You want a balance of both. Here’s how. Start with impact, but limit your statement pieces to two. If you’re long and lean, make form-fitting, ankle or floor length dresses your base. Think prints – flowers, stripes mixed with animal print, and, above all else, plaid. Overlay a faux fur shoulder wrap, a tattered lace jacket or a crocheted skirt. For punk eccentricity, plaid continues to be a must. Kilts never stop making a fashion scene paired with thermal long sleeved shirts and a black concert tee.

Fashionably mismatched has morphed so that the mismatched is considered matching and acceptable when you stay within the same color family. So go ahead and pair up cropped satin pants and a boy shirt in two patterns that once repelled each other in the closet so long as they are from the same color palette.

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Rule of thumb when learning to be eccentric: no denim. Denim is for the fearful and the fashion stunted according to eccentrics. Some of the best places to shop: thrift stores and second-hand stores. The best crazy pieces come from the $1.99 rack and who cares if you only wear them once – which you won’t.

Now that you’re off to an eye-offending start, you need your second statement piece. Make this happen with accessories. Small is out. Jewelry should be grotesquely large or in mass quantities – or both. Bangle bracelets that go from wrist to elbow and measure anywhere from two to four inches in width are a good start. Don’t match them. Choose different styles and colored and textures. Limit those to one arm? No way! Of course, earrings need to dangle and bobble as well. Please go for size not weight!

And then there are the hats. Wide brims are back and they are a perfect touch when eccentricity is your goal. The more retro, the better. Choose heavy wool in peach, black and maroon – the colors of yesteryears.

Lastly, your shoes should defy the imagination. This is not difficult in today’s fashion world. Go for chunky boots, sandals, wedge heels and platforms. Don’t shy away from buckles and laces and baubles. More is good. Lace your shoes over colored tights and you’re ready to go. But don’t leave home without the right attitude.

There’s nothing worse than a “well-dressed” woman who can’t hold her head high – that’s why you buy lightweight earrings.