Head Lice Treatment Advice

Historically, head lice are one the ailments of childhood that have had almost as many methods of treatments. We`ll share with you how to prevent head lice in the first place and just scratch the surface of the myriad of treatments available for getting rid of those stubborn and annoying creatures.

The Truth About Lice

Lice cannot jump from one child`s head to another, however, they can move from one to another if close in distance – during a hug, for example. Lice are transmitted through any method in which heads touch or are touched by the same thing. That means the transmission of lice can occur through shared combs, hats, towels, pillows, or any other thing that touches one head and then another. Within a classroom of twenty children, it`s difficult to prevent anything or everything from touching the head of an infected child, and this is one factor that makes it so difficult to prevent the spread of lice.

It Gets Even More Frustrating

Once a child comes home with lice, getting rid of the original lice on the child`s head is but a small concern. Now the lice have contaminated the household and by the time you`ve killed lice in one area, they`ve already spread to another. There are many tips and tricks for lice and many help. We`ll recommend just a few to get you started, but keep in mind you can find much more in your own search.

What We Can Recommend

Theirs always the traditional “nit-picking”, which involves actually combing through the hair and removing the lice. This method is often used with other treatments that involve applying things to the hair. Another frustrating factor is that lice, over time, have become immune to every over-the-counter treatment introduced to them. Some recommend Vaseline – applying it to scalp and hair smothers the lice. This treatment is popular with some parents because it doesn`t involve chemicals, although it is difficult to wash out. Another method appearing in our studies involved a mixture of 3 Tbsp.`s of Olive oil and equal 1 tsp. parts of tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. And of course, there`s always the over-the-counter and prescription treatments. Usually, these methods are used in conjunction with these treatments and repeated over a period of two to three weeks.

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The House

You`ll want to “delouse the house” as well. Wash all bed clothing and clothing in hot water and dry with as much heat as possible. Make sure that an uninfected person does the washing. For household furniture and carpet, you`ll want to spray a delousing powder or agent, and then vacuum – steam cleaning is even better. Make sure everything you`ve deloused is kept separate from the infected area or you`ll have to start all over again. My preferred method of dealing with this? Take a vacation. Lice can`t live without a human host for more than three days. You`ll save yourself the work, have a nice getaway, and get rid of those lice once and for all.

Can Salons Spread Infections?

As a frequent salon customer myself, I never gave much thought to everyday things that carry and spread infection, and I never knew just how much risk I was taking by frequenting salons without knowing the risks.