Top 10 Misconceptions Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Every day we are faced with a new news report that states we should be eating more of this or less of that in order to maintain our general health. The next day we are presented with a contradictory argument that says that actually, what we were told yesterday is going to kill us.With these constant conflicting ideas in mind, we looked at the big health ideas that are most responsible for the global health ticking time bomb.

1. Misunderstanding Diets

When you diet your metabolism slows down massively, meaning that over time you actually gain weight, which then impacts on your internal organs and bodily functions.

2. Being Slim to be Healthy

Everyone judges how healthy they are by their outside appearance, however, what this does not do is show us where visceral fat is stored. Ensure you watch what you eat, as even the thinnest person can be in grave danger.

3. Vitamin Pills Will Save Us

Whether it is oil and omega-3 supplements because you do not like fish, or protein powder because you cannot stand eggs, may believe that taking vitamins will keep them from any health disasters. The reverse is true, however, as there are additional beneficial minerals in the foods that you then subsequently miss out on.

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4. Sat Fats Kill You

The ingredients that are used as replacements for saturated fats in foods are actually more likely to damage your heart than saturated fat itself – so think again!

5. Take Selenium

This is a vital mineral for health and is key to cancer prevention throughout the body. If you live in the US, where their wheat is high in this mineral, then you do not need a supplement.

6. Get Some Sunshine

The skin cancer scaremongers have us believe that we should avoid the sun at all costs. What this does is then make us more likely to become ill due to risks associated with vitamin D deficiencies. Get some sunshine!

7. Eat Fish

We used it as an example earlier, but you really need to eat at least two portions of fish per week to keep body and mind healthy. Again, a supplement does not get the job done, here.

8. Marinade or Slow Cook Red Meats

Red meats increase bowel cancer risk, however, includes vitamins critical for health. Marinade cuts of meat and cook slowly to best reduce harmful toxins.

9. Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy is often a time when women see their discipline go out of the window and trot out the “eating for two” excuse. Your diet during pregnancy can impact on your child’s lifelong health, so consult a nutritionist and plan accordingly.

10. Use Natural Remedies

Turning to prescription drugs and over the counter, products are making us unhealthier than ever before. Follow a healthy diet and use natural remedies to ailments as much as possible, for a far greater long-term health outlook.