Home Remedies to Cure Acne – 5 Great Methods

If you’re tired of using the same old over the counter medications for treating acne, its time you step your foot down, throw the medications away, save on money and start using natural home remedies instead. Agreed they are slow and could even play with your patience level, but once you take them seriously and follow a strict routine, you would be noticing a change in your acne levels. Here are some great methods to deal with acne outbursts, the natural way.

1). Baking Soda

The baking soda acts as an exfoliant and is considered as one of the most effective methods of getting rid of acne. All you have to do is wet a piece of cloth with a liquid solution of baking soda and rub on the skin gently for 10 minutes. Do this regularly twice a day for a few weeks. However, understand that baking soda can also dry the skin, so avoid using it excessively.

2). Toothpaste

The toothpaste solution is for anyone who has a small pimple popping up here and there. Simply dab pinch of toothpaste before going to sleep and do it for a few days until the pimple dies down. There may be a burning sensation but that indicates that the pimple is being cleaned and treated.

3). Egg White Mask

Egg whites can be used as a facial mask to clean acne. You have to apply the egg white on a daily basis for a week or two before you can see any visible results. It has healing properties and is ideal for healing scars that are left after acne outbursts.

4). Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is nothing new. It has been a plant that has been used for beauty purposes for centuries. It has amazing healing properties, and has been known to be the most effective plant against acne and pimple problems.

5). Honey

Honey is a very popular home product that when mixed with cinnamon provides a soothing healing affect for people who suffer from acne conditions. Make a past of that, dab it onto face before bed and wash off in the morning. You notice a difference in the acne patches.